Lunching @ Dean & Deluca

12 07 2012

Years ago I would visit NYC and go to Dean & Deluca I think on Broadway and Prince and marvel at what was on display and being sold at the semi-grocery store that was more fashionable than others and sold exotic things.  Never did I imagine that it would become an in-your-hood (well, not quite, as the shops are in the very busy or trendy centrally-located shopping districts here) deli/cafe in Tokyo.  It has become more common, and not exclusive though still on the pricey side, and if you live in Tokyo, you’ve been to one even if you’ve never been to New York.

I stopped by one of the several cafe points in Tokyo this afternoon.

Never actually sat at a table at this cafe so first time seeing this neat bag lamp.

My lunch. Smoked salmon and something sandwich. Their food is OK but could be better. ^^

Dean & Deluca in Japan



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