Toy Story Mania

11 07 2012

Generally speaking, I am rather not very up-to-date with the latest trends and hot things happening in and around Tokyo so I had no clue what I was seeing when I boarded this subway a couple of weeks ago.  It was on the Ginza Line.

My colleague and I kept talking about what a lot of trouble the ad agency must have gone into in installing these rings that actually look naturally used and worn out and how they must have other purposes than use them on the subway to advertise “Toy Story”.

Little did we know that it was a campaign for a newly introduced and very-hard-to-get-into attraction at Tokyo Disney Sea, a more adult-oriented theme park situated next to Tokyo Disneyland.  The new attraction is called “Toy Story Mania” as shown in the poster above.  It launched a couple of days ago on July 9th.

Before you go, you might want to check this news story out here.  😀

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