Dining and Wining @ Tokyo Disneyland

7 07 2012

I was fortunate to be invited to “Club 33” at Tokyo Disneyland last night, an exclusive club for the theme park’s sponsors, and more importantly for our group, where alcohol is served in the otherwise dry Disneyland. ^^

The initial plan was to get there early and enjoy the rides but as it turned out, I was to be stuck in a rather important meeting at work and that was not to be.  However, we did go for a few rides after dinner that turned out to be quite hilarious having downed four bottles of wine amongst the four of us.  We were definitely the most drunk people in the entire park.

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July 7th being the “Tanabata” day, there was a big feature on the theme in the main boulevard as shown in the slideshow together with “wishes” written on Mickey cards.

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