Lunching Out

5 07 2012

With Friday still to go, a bit early to wrap up the week with the lunching-out theme, but I’m not planning to eat out tomorrow at lunch as I will surely be going out in the evening.  So here we go with a couple of opportunities I had this week.

Pumpkin soup. Cannot for the life of me remember if it was warm or cold…

Hainanese chicken rice. I love this dish.

Hainanese chicken rice explained.

The lunch came with a couple of other dishes and iced tea.

Cafe Manduka

I do not have the skill to take a good picture of my lunch looking like a shrine. ^^

That looks better. This dish did not have its own place within the shrine.

Pull them out of the shrine, they’re ready to be eaten.


What I’m calling the little shrine is actually a bento box.  I had no idea it would come out looking like this.


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