And It’s a Happy Sushi Monday

3 07 2012

Following the visit to the “other” sushi bar last Friday, paid a visit to my regular sushi bar last night which my friend and I had planned to do long before I decided with my other friend about Friday.  It turned out to be one of the more colorful visits because of the company we were in but that’s too complicated to explain so maybe some other time and I will concentrate (and really concentrate) on the food.

I always take a couple of photos when I eat at Kozasa but this time I captured almost everything we had so as to have something to compare to from last Friday.  The two restaurants are vastly different and this one has obviously been a keeper for years but the other one is quite irresistible as well.

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And why I keep going back to this place other than for the food, the atmosphere, and the friendliness is the price.  You might not believe it from the pix but everything is unbelievably reasonably priced as was the case with Saisho.

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