Beautiful Courtyards of Amsterdam

31 05 2012

They are called “Hofjes” in Dutch and there are big ones and small ones, some open to the public and others closed.  I only got to visit a couple of them, one being the most famous Begijnhof.  As women still reside within the enclosed quarter, the sign said no pictures so I only have the one that I took right after entering w/o knowing that particular rule and the one I apologizingly took very quickly right before leaving the courtyard.

The other one I visited was seconds from where I was staying in Jordaan.  Most of the time I passed by the building, the door was closed.  I found it open one day.

But I was in a hurry and didn’t have the time to step inside and at the time I really wasn’t sure if you were allowed to go in.

The next time I found the door open, I had to go in.

What a lovely little courtyard it was!

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