Sunday Cooking Time

28 05 2012

Bought a new cookbook by Yoko Arimoto last week mostly because I was in a huge bookstore I had never been in before and felt like picking out something from the vast collection.

This is something I made last night from the book, very easy and simple but surprisingly yum and that’s what I love about her recipes.

Minced-pork-and-green-pepper-in-miso lettuce wrap.



3 responses

31 05 2012
Keiko Mizutani

So attractive a blog page you have!! Am back in Tokyo again, and enjoying eating out — wanting to try some of your findings after our regular rounds of restaurants/bars in Tokyo. Flying out to Sapporo over the weekend to enjoy their seafood and buy kombu-related products to bring back. Just wondered how your mom thought of the suffran ??


31 05 2012
Ayako Mathies

Keiko-san, thank you and how about getting together?? When do you leave?

I don’t think my mother has used the particular suffron yet as she still had other stashes but I will ask her and thank you again for that!


24 12 2012
Holiday Cooking with Maple Syrup « A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] new miso I got was saltier than the one I used previously, shown here, and I think that one went better with the maple syrup.  I shall try to find the best combo though […]


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