Museum Cafe Experience

13 05 2012

I’m not much of a museum goer but it’s nice to visit one or two when you’re traveling especially in a city such as Amsterdam where it boasts the highest density of museums in the world.

My friends and I decided to visit the Hermitage which is actually a satellite museum to the museum by the same name in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Hermitage Amsterdam

The exhibition was on Flemish painters.

The timing of our visit was such that it was perfect to get some lunch so off we went to the museum cafe.

According to my friends, the menu was totally of Belgian cuisine. I didn’t mind that but we just couldn’t figure out why the museum’s being Russian and being in Amsterdam…

My steak Americain sandwich

All of the above took some effort in being brought out due to rather disorganized service at the cafe but the food was good and the atmosphere pleasant.  Had we been in a hurry, we would’ve gone totally nuts.

In the museum courtyard.



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