Cooking in Amsterdam

8 05 2012

One of the reasons why I thought renting an apartment in Amsterdam was a good idea is that I get to keep my routine even while away from home.  Routine such as what and how much I eat at breakfast as I tend to eat too much breakfast when I’m staying in a hotel.  I also wanted to be able to go out to the local market or the supermarket and be able to shop for grocery which I like doing.  And I thought this way, I can still keep up with my cooking routine.

Though it was not a Sunday, on the first night of my vacation which was a Thursday, I decided to cook.  However, I did not have any of the cookbooks I normally use so I chose something that looked light and easy from the web which said that I could use any kind of white fish for this dish which was great as I did not know what kind of fish Dutch supermarkets carried.

Anyway, here goes.

Firstly before even thinking to cook, the wine. I picked this up at the duty free shop @ CDG during my transit in Paris.

Albert Heijn, the Dutch supermarket chain. They are conveniently open til 10 pm.

The oil and the salt & pepper came with the apartment. The rest I bought at Albert Heijn. The butter I picked up on Air France. 😀

The way I placed too much parsley on the fish didn’t turn out too pretty but cooking mission accomplished. ^^

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