Tulips Tulips Tulips

7 05 2012

Tulips are my favorite kind of flower if you exclude plumeria and another flower often seen in Thailand (don’t know the right name but it’s this one.  Is it ixora?) both of which you kind of have to go to a tropical country to see.

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Holland was that it was the tulip season.  There is a huge garden called Kuekenhof just outside of Amsterdam where you can see thousands of tulips of all varieties.  That deserves a report by itself but today here are some of the wonderful wonderful tulips I saw in Amsterdam and around.

Tulips fields outside of Amsterdam (as seen from the tour bus).  I was told all the flowers are thrown away and it’s the bulbs they keep to be sold.

I also went to the wholesale flower market where they auction all kinds of flowers although I only saw one tiny batch of tulips amongst all the different flowers in the vast market.  I guess it was already past the season.

And in central Amsterdam, there is a floating flower market where they seemed to carry more bulbs and potted plants than cut flowers but I also saw these tulips.

And I got some for my apartment at this stall @ 10 for €3.50.  Not as cheap as 50 for €6 but still great!

At other people’s houses.

In museums.  They even have a tulip museum.

And in restaurants and shop windows.

I would so love to be surrounded by tulips all year round.

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