The Orange Madness

3 05 2012

I never had any knowledge of the Queen’s Day until my friend from Belgium told me everyone dresses up in orange on this day which is all she had told me but little did I know it was much more than that!

It’s just one crazy party from morning til night or more precisely from the eve of the Queen’s Day into the next day.  It’s a wonder how people would be partying all night long and still manage to be ready the following day to do more entertaining and trading as is customary.

Apart from wearing orange and partying on boats and elsewhere, one characteristic of the day is that anyone is allowed to sell anything anywhere as long as it’s something legal.  People were literally selling everything including things you would never pay for or refuse to take even if you were paid.

As mentioned earlier, many cupcakes were on sale especially by kids and lots of brownies including the funny kind.  I saw one guy selling huge hash brownies.  Should’ve captured that in a photo.  He was obviously enjoying himself.

I bought a set of very small plain white dishes from Germany from an old lady and another lady who seemed be her daughter.  They asked me if I was going to use it for my soy.  I told them something like that though olive oil is more like it for me.  I got four for €1.00.  😀

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What a day!

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