Alma Mater, Oh How We Love Thee

23 04 2012

Who knew that “Glee” would become such an everyday word amongst the young’uns in Japan in 2011.  Singing in school choirs has always been popular in this country and there are many excellent school and workplace choirs around but Glee may have encouraged many more in joining the joy of singing and giving “glee clubs” everywhere somewhat of a higher social status (or not?)

That does not have much to do with my blog today but I did belong to a “glee club” when I was in college (and I sang in the school choir in middle and high school)  and there was a small reunion, picnic style, this past Saturday when we went back to good old Osawa, Mitaka in the middle of nowhere though still in Tokyo which had changed in many ways.

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I had forgotten it was so far away from central Tokyo and also surprised that it didn’t seem as big as we all thought it was.  The campus looks much better when the sun’s out and when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

International Christian University

ICU Glee Club



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