Riding the Subway in NYC

29 03 2012

Whenever I go away on a trip, whether for work or for pleasure, I try to use as much public transportation as possible.  Years ago that was kind of unthinkable in New York especially at night.  There was firstly concern for one’s own safety but also the trains and stations were just not clean enough and smelled really bad.

Things have changed for the better in this city and given all the traffic, riding the subway seems like the smartest thing to do.  The stations, while not as clean as in Tokyo, have their charms with station signs done in colorful tiles.

Eighth Avenue Station on Line L.

I was very much reminded of “Line 1” in Budapest, Hungary by all the station tile art.

Budapest Subway



3 responses

30 03 2012

Starting to develop a fadcination for subway tiles myself, Paris has some lovely stations along the metro lines and actually London has some brillian tile patterns too. Love the diagonal lines in your NY picture though, so cool.


30 03 2012
Ayako Mathies

There are so many others in NYC that are great tile art. I just haven’t had any time to take pictures. I would totally do this at every station I visit if I were on vacation.

I haven’t been checking your blog lately, Joe. Just too busy keeping up with this while doing meetings and e-mails! Will catch up soon.


31 03 2012

Haha, no rush! I have had a little burst of blog activity after quite a quiet period as we have been traveling too a little. Coming to Japan in a few weeks actually so many more pictures to share this year.

I still love following your post and pictures very much! : )


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