A Gathering of the Dragon Girls

23 01 2012

Yes, that’s what we are – dragons.  Last night a small group of us from the same class in middle/high school got together for a very enjoyable and fun evening just like the old times.

We chose the newly developed area of Shinagawa as the location of our get-together at a branch of an Italian restaurant I had been to in Ebisu which also has a branch in Hiroo where we all went to school.  I thought it was appropriate.  😀

The location turned out to be great as well as the food and the service though the only problem was that there was soooooooo much food.  I didn’t capture everything but you can see that there was a lot we were dealing with.

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Trattoria Via Partenope Shinagawa

A link in English to the Hiroo branch.

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