The Joy of Mother’s Cooking

4 01 2012

Or the joy of “eating” mother’s cooking I should say. I live close enough to my parents but never eat there except at this time of the year.  I eat out a lot but I still think my mother’s cooking is the best.  Some of what was served during this year’s new year holidays.

Datemaki. Hers is so good I cannot eat store-bought ones.

Yakibuta. Honey and pickled plum are the secret ingredients.

Roast beef made with Japanese beef.

Chicken liver paté.

Shimeji and eringi mushroom quiche. She didn't make the pie crust.

She also made waffles for breakfast on the 3rd and there was one leftover piece of tarte tatin made with pears she had baked for guests on the 30th that I had.  All so yum.  Until next year…

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