The Year of Dragon

3 01 2012

So I’m it this year – a dragon.

How appropriate that I had this sake on New Year’s Day.

From Kyoto

Very strong sake.  I read that it’s the current trend to make sake slightly stronger than what they traditionally have been.  The label said this one is higher than 16% and lower than 17% in alcohol content.

And I was wondering if this was meant to reflect a dragon…?  It came from the osechi box.

Braided "largehead hairtail"

Largehead hairtail

Other sakes to brighten up the new year holidays…

From Niigata. Having it in a wine glass gives it a different taste. I folded the black crane out of the paper that was used to cover the bottle cap (as decoration).

Another one from Niigata which we were going to open last night but didn't so I didn't try it but it's a very good one.

And things you might want to try with your sake.

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