New Year’s Day Breakfast

2 01 2012

I am trying to write this on my mother’s computer and since I’m not used to doing it on a Windows machine or Internet Explorer I’ freaking out every time I get an unwanted or unexpected reaction from the machine.

So for that reason, I’m going to use a feature I’ve never used before becaue it’s just easier. 

Here is what we had for breakfast on New Year’s Day, i.e. the first meal of the year.  The ozoni made with white miso from Kyoto is my favorite.  (And though you cannot see it there is a big round mochi in the soup.)  I tried to look for an ozoni explanation but so far have not found a good English page.  It’s basically a soup everyone has on the morning of New Year’ s Day and it is made with different ingredients and the ingredients differ from region to region, family to family.

I’m actually missing sake from the menu as I had to do some driving afterwards.  It’s not unusual to start drinking in the morning during the new year holidays.  😀

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