Random New Year Eve Photos

1 01 2012

Traditionally the thing to do on New Year’s Eve (or the day before the New Year’s Day) in Japan has been cleaning house and cooking “osechi” to last for the duration of the new year holidays – the first three days of the year.  My mother used to cook the whole thing until several years ago.  These days we order store-prepared ones which, if you choose right, can be very good.

As for cleaning house, well, I kind of passed yesterday as my apartment looked all right though if I start going through my possessions there are so many things to get rid of I would never finish in a day.

Anyway the New Year’s Eve was spent at parents’ peacefully and idly watching Kohaku Uta Gassen on NHK, eating soba, and looking forward to the New Year’s Day’s feast and drinks.  Random photos from last night:

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