Eating Out in Cannes, Part 2

30 01 2012

I would normally take more photos of the city but this year the weather here has been just awful and yesterday was rain, rain, rain, and more rain.  It’s probably the worst weather we have had in the last 20 years during this convention I’m attending though we have had snow in the past.

So naturally I really only have food photos to share…

Not sure of the name of the restaurant we went to for lunch across from the Palais des Festivals where I had pizza.

Restaurant La Brocherie

Hotel Martinez

Eating Out in Cannes, Part 1

29 01 2012

Food, glorious food!! from Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner.  Booking a table last night was totally impossible but finally after about five rejections, I was able to reserve a nice table in a very nice and cozy restaurant in a residential district of Cannes.

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Le 360

La Pontinière du Palais

Côté Jardin

Staying in Cannes

28 01 2012

So begins my annual trip to Cannes and for the first time, we have the same apartment as the previous year.

Last year’s blog.

How it looks this year.

Here for the next five days.

Eating Out in London

27 01 2012

Most of my meetings in London yesterday were to take place in restaurants or cafes.  One which was to be at The Ivy got cancelled unfortunately but I got to know a couple of good restaurants and one very nice cafe.


Notes Music Coffee

Mandarin Kitchen

London Morning

26 01 2012

Not as cold as Tokyo!  Have never really been in this neighborhood near Lancaster Gate so did some walking around after breakfast.  Nice and crisp morning but overcast as it always tends to be.

Scenes from the walk as well as my hotel.

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