Tranquility in the City Center

5 12 2011
The one fabulous thing about Tokyo is that right in the very center of the city sits the Imperial Palace with its abundance of green and nature – not that we get to go in – but it still makes the busy city seem very peaceful and calm especially because on Sundays and national holidays the boulevard between the outer moat and the inner moat is closed to cyclists and pedestrians (though it’s only the cyclists that get to ride on the road and pedestrians still have to use the sidewalk).
From yesterday.

The outer moat of the Imperial Palace. Love the reflection of the buildings.

A sole swan (and another bird) in the inner moat of the Imperial Palace. It kept bobbing its head in the water presumably trying to catch something.

The swan.

Some of the buildings on the palace premises. The "palace" is hidden inside far away from anyone's view.

Tokyo Imperial Palace



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