Kikunoi Obento

24 11 2011

Stopped by the deli run by Kikunoi this morning in the Tokyu Department Store to pick up something for lunch.  Their obento boxes tend to be on the big side but I was very pleasantly surprised to find this “Kitsune Chirashi” very light and in fact literally light with a rather “fluffy” feel.

Such beautiful wrapping. I can never throw away this wrapping paper as it's too pretty.

And the lunch is in a very solid (plywood?) box.

Both the egg and the fried tofu - the reason why it's a "kitsune" chirashi - are very light and fluffy.

And it’s not the lightness that’s the best feature.  The food is very tasty and I’d be very happy to be eating any of the lunch boxes from Kikunoi any day of the week. 😀

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