“Inca no Mezame” Potato

23 11 2011

It’s a very tasty kind of potato grown mainly in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, though as the name suggests, the breed is a cross between a South American variety of potato and a Japanese one.  It is in season now.

Being very yellow inside in color, it tastes almost like chestnut or sweet potato.

And it’s not very readily available and I was surprised to find it at my local supermarket this past weekend.  I have bought it at another more specialized store in the past.  In any event, it’s so very tasty that you would want to have it in the simplest way such as just with salt and butter or olive oil.  I had it w/o any butter/oil today but went into the trouble of putting it through a strainer the Japanese way and later mixing it with milk to make the mash.  Arduous!

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