My New iPhone

15 11 2011

More from this past weekend – my new little iPhone.

My old iPhone was close to being dead for some time now, but I’m never quick with getting new gadgets and didn’t bother signing up in advance or getting to the store sooner.  When I finally decided last week it was about time and visited the shop where I bought my first iPhone (or the first mobile phone EVER for that matter) I was told that it would take about three to four weeks for stock to arrive.  Was a bit disappointed but not overly as it was to be expected.

However in less than a week’s time, they called me and said my iPhone was ready to be picked up and so I went over the weekend.

The Softbank "Otosan" water I got while waiting in line for my turn.

This is “Otosan”.  He was given to me when I got my first iPhone.

He (or the real dog version) stars in Softbank's TV commercials.

My new (white 64GB) iPhone!

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