The Very Special Table @ Nishio-san

11 11 2011

Last night’s visit must have been my sixth to this hole-in-the-wall of an eatery in Shinjuku.  (Previous visits can be found by doing a search for “Nishio-san”.  The first one here.)

The counter running across the shop with chairs made out of green tea boxes, last night was actually the first time I had this view.

At this hard-to-reserve-eatery we normally sit by the entrance where there is a table for three as we are always three people.  Last night, it appears that there was a cancellation for the only other table in the shop which is for a group of four or five and we were given this special spot.  I was late arriving on the scene so don’t know how the conversation went with Nishio-san but I can guess the surprise of my friends for being offered the very special table as it is ever so hard to reserve as you can see here…

I'm sorry; this table (for 4 to 5) is booked through to April, 2012.

We were quite ecstatic.

I loved this little feature, too.


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