French Dining in a Deserted Neighborhood

9 11 2011

I realized after I had made a reservation at this French restaurant for the first time that I have many times driven in its neighborhood and on this particular street where it is located.  It’s close to a very busy road with lots of traffic but the neighborhood is residential and rather deserted at night and even during the day.

Chambre avec vue

When researching the best way to get to it from my office, I kind of discovered that while it is not in the middle of “nowhere”, it is slightly inconveniently located for people taking public transportation as my friend had found the hard way trying to walk to it from one of the “closest” stations.

Anyway, the dinner was a pleasant experience with the restaurant’s celebrating its 2nd anniversary and offering special menus and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine for everyone.  😀

Chambre avec Vue

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