Drinking at Home in Budapest

5 10 2011

We were buying wines (and a small bottle of Unicum Next) from a nearby supermarket and once in a bookstore(!) which provided us (could’ve been just me) much fun to be in our apartment at the end of the day prior to dinner.

Hungary being the land of great wines though the fact is little known in Japan, I knew I should’ve done some homework but I never do anyway on such occasions so I just judged things by the label and pricing.

I don't think we have this kind of shopping basket in Japan which I thought was really cute and good for dragging wines.

We bought this in a wine shop attached to a bookstore. They had a wine bar inside shop as well.

Very nice, very nice indeed.

It had all the awards and bought this thinking that it would be dry. It was a sweet wine.

This one was nice. Not too heavy.

Had to have this new "Next" Unicum. I think it's lighter than the traditional kind.

All good. 😀



2 responses

5 10 2011
Mari Kawaguchi

That Cabernet Sauvignon “looks” delicious. We have that sort of shopping basket/cart at Mitsuwa here in LA. (Mitsuwa is a chain Japanese super-market in L.A. I go there almost every day.)
What is “Unicum”?


6 10 2011
Ayako Mathies

Unicum is a Hungarian herbal liqueur which is quite sweet and not so strong. Tastes like cough syrup with a kick.


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