For the Little Ones

19 08 2011

My mother loves to knit.   She was asked by Caring for Young Refugees (, an organization we belong to which supports lives of children and women in Cambodia by running nurseries and training women to weave, to help support children in the Tohoku region affected by the disasters of March 11th by making knit caps to be distributed to nurseries they work with.

She hasn’t ironed all of them so some of them look bulkier than others.

She’s done 60.  40 more to go.



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20 08 2011

Wow, they are so cute! She must be really good. I used to knit but haven’t for such a long time. Maybe I should start again. Do you think she can teach me??


21 08 2011
Ayako Mathies

I’m sure she would’ve loved it had I asked her to teach me. I was never interested. ^^

She’d be thrilled to learn you could be interested. 😀


11 11 2011
The Caps are on Their Way « A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] My mother finished knitting a little over 100 caps about a month ago and they were brought into the organization which will be distributing them to kids in Tohoku as reported earlier here. […]


26 12 2012
Knit Caps for Winter 2012 « A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] mother who absolutely loves to knit made these for nursery/kindergarden kids in Tohoku last year.  She had received some of the cutest thank you […]


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