Warehouse Frenzy

29 06 2011

It was one bright, sunny and hot day in Tokyo yesterday when my colleagues and I took a trip to the warehouse district of Tokyo in Ohimachi.

We were there to visit a warehouse where my department was keeping more than 300 boxes of whatever it was we were keeping were stored.  Our mission:  to get rid of as many boxes as possible.

It was difficult to tell, as we worked our way through the boxes, if the place was air-conditioned.  If it was, the purpose certainly wasn’t to keep the room cool.  Anyway, at the end of the day, we trashed about 200 boxes of junk and we were too happy to finish.  Towards the end, all I could think of was the cold beer waiting for us at the end of the tunnel…

I had a glass of cold Heartland (which is a Kirin) lager to start and moved onto Belgian beers.  And this bar in Shinagawa was decent enough to have Leffe blonde on tap.


The temperature today in Tokyo reached 34C with unbearably high humidity.  At least it was cooler yesterday…

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