Cute Signs (and Other Features) in Vienna

16 05 2011

I love checking out shop signs and street signs and other cute features whenever I’m walking down the street anywhere, be it in Tokyo in my local neighborhood or in another city that I may be visiting.

Some cute signs and other features I saw in Vienna.

A pedestrian street!

Traffic lights that serve both pedestrians and cyclists of which there are many in Vienna. The red light (above the green) is also cute though it's a little difficult to see.

If you’re a pedestrian, never stand in the way of bicycles as you will be run over.

A shoe repair store.

A violin shop.

A sign for a coffee shop that looked like it was written directly on the wall but now that I look at it closely, it looks bolted into the wall. I still like the layout.

You will see this whenever you see a historical landmark.

And their yellow post box is very cute!

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