The Viennese Cafe Life 3

10 05 2011

My third trip to a cafe in Vienna was to be the highlight of all cafes as the cafe chosen was where the original Sachertorte came from.

Cafe Sacher

Thursday, May 5

Hotel Sacher, the home of Cafe Sacher and the Sachertorte.

The menu at Cafe Sacher

Classic interior inside.

Outside terrace (which is more part of the bar).

The original Sachertorte

Always with cream.

Looking quite proud.

I remember that my mother used to like making the Sachertorte when I was in elementary school and she once baked one as my birthday cake when I had girls from school at home for a birthday party.  I was so disappointed that she did not make a fluffy cake with whipped cream and strawberries but one of my friends who was a daughter of a famous orchestra conductor and who used to live in Germany as a very young child thought it was so cool, she asked for the left over cake to be doggy bagged.  (We lived in the same condo.)  I think I was 10 or 11.

Sorry to disappoint, but the original cake may be a tad overrated.  I assure you it’s still nice though. 😉

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