Miniature Tomatoes

25 04 2011

I’m not a big fan of tomatoes.  I like the very sweet ones but most of the time, they taste slightly too sour for me.

Amela Rubins

But these were too cute and the label boasted of high sugar content.


About the size of an acorn.

Um…  Not so sweet…

Another Election Day

24 04 2011

So I walked on streets I wouldn’t otherwise.

It was such a nice day but this guy may not have thought so…


Cat looking away.

A “salon” for dogs about 50 steps away. ^^

Top Dogs.

Blue Glasses

23 04 2011

And they’re new!

Purple and navy blue are two of my favorite colors.  I already have a pair of purple glasses (actually they’re a second pair having lost the first one travelling in Italy) and I don’t think I have ever come across navy-blue themed glasses before so I easily fell for these.

I used to make one new pair almost every year until the shop I frequented in Shibuya closed.  They have another branch elsewhere but I haven’t been to that one and for about three years, I went w/o making new glasses.

My problem solved.  😀

Chicken Lunch 5

22 04 2011

My final chicken lunch for the week was celebrated by spicy Indian chicken curry.

The very popular Ghungroo in Omotesando.

Spicy chicken curry with a hard-boiled egg.

Comes with naan or rice.

Very content for the day as well as the week.  I feel like I could fly… ^^

Chicken Lunch 4

21 04 2011

I love Turkish food and I love “wraps” so when I found out that this newly opened Turkish restaurant near my office was serving lunch-time chicken kebab wraps on the menu, I just had to include it in my “chicken lunch” week.  We don’t have enough places, restaurants or fast food joints, in Tokyo that serve “wraps”!

Chicken kebab wrap with chili sauce

Sesame seeds on the wrap!

I remember that most Turkish breads came with sesame seeds.  My previous chicken kebab sandwich experience in Istanbul, Turkey.

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