Turkish Pizza

27 04 2011

Turkey is where pizza originated, so I read and learned when I visited the country a few years ago.  Had some great ones there.

For lunch today I went back to the Turkish restaurant I tried last week SO THAT I could try one of their pizzas.  If it weren’t for my chicken obsession last week (and my appreciation for “wraps”), I may have just gone for one of the pizzas on my first visit.  But I held on and it was worth it.

They did not have this flag out last week!

Sat by the window.

Lentil soup. The size of soup is much bigger than last week...?

My pizza!! Yum!! With ground beef, no cheese. Looks like a Christmas tree when served this way...

Nice Turkish tea at the end.  They served the same tea in a coffee cup last week.  I was not happy.  This is better. 🙂




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