Saturday is My Sudoku Day

16 04 2011

The Asahi Shimbun has a separate Saturday edition called “Be on Saturday”.

Be, The Asahi

Every week they run a page of puzzles including sudoku which I have the impression is much more popular outside of Japan than here.

Sudoku on Be

Anyway I enjoy solving the puzzle every week.  I was first introduced to it by a New Yorker when I was visiting his office.  It coincided with the time when airlines started putting restrictions on carrying liquids and on the first day they went into effect, I was flying from JFK to LAX.  Consequently there was a lot of waiting and killing time at the airport and that’s when I picked up this book.

Book of sudoku

I had put it away after coming home without having done much and had forgotten about it but it fell out of my bookshelf when the 3/11 earthquake hit.  This week I’ve been doing page after page of sudoku and today I’ve been doing it non-stop.  It’s taking too much of my time…

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