Weeping Cherry Tree

11 04 2011

I drive by this temple near where I live often and have always wanted to take a picture of the beautiful weeping cherry tree when it’s in full bloom.  I walked by it yesterday on my way to cast a vote.

It wasn’t quite the “full bloom” I was looking for but it was still beautiful.

The entrance gate to Ichigyouin

Looking at the cherry tree through the gate

The weeping cherry tree of Ichigyouin. The picture looks cloudy because my lens has been scratched. 😦




2 responses

12 04 2011
The Travel Assassin

aw, I love Cherry Trees (even with faux cloud/scratched lens in them) I have to get out to Tokyo…sooner rather than lately hopefully. R


12 04 2011
Ayako Mathies

Right now would be the best season! Not too cold, not too warm, with beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere.


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