Recycling Box

30 04 2011

I had forgotten about this box.

"Aya Gourmet"

The bag is from Cambodia; has nothing to do with the box but they fit together perfectly. I’ve filled the box with snacks and other stuff from here for a friend.  I wouldn’t use it on any occasion but on this one, it would be appropriate.  Whee. 😀

AO Campaigne

29 04 2011

Donating 500 yen out of every 2000 yen sale to rescue and reconstruction operations in the disaster-struck areas.

"Senya" that makes rice crackers from Iwate.

Tried the samples and bought a whole lot. Very good crackers!

I went on to shop at another store  in the AO building where I bought more than 2000 yen.  I know it’s not enough but hope it helped.

Little Fish

28 04 2011

Went out to lunch at an Italian confectionery store near our office today that I had been meaning to check out.  As far as I can remember, they didn’t always have a lunch menu and it was more of a tea (well, not really, becuz it’s Italian) and coffee place.  But they had a reasonably varied menu I found out.

I ordered the lunch “pasta” menu but chose a zucchini-smoked salmon-clam risotto in olive oil sauce as my “pasta”.  It was very good and I of course took pix but they didn’t do justice, so scrapped them.

Before the risotto there was soup and a whole plate of appetizers served with bread.  After the risotto there was a small gelatin-based dessert before the “main” dessert came which was very elaborate and fancy.  Very fitting for what the store is about.

Here is a close up of one of the many appetizers that were served.  I’m not sure it’s entirely Italian in nature but it was very good especially the dry bread on which the little fish were served which, to me, seemed Italian.

If you're afraid of fish looking at you, these are not for you. There are just too many eyes.

OK, this is not really on focus either but whatever.  I liked my little fish!

Turkish Pizza

27 04 2011

Turkey is where pizza originated, so I read and learned when I visited the country a few years ago.  Had some great ones there.

For lunch today I went back to the Turkish restaurant I tried last week SO THAT I could try one of their pizzas.  If it weren’t for my chicken obsession last week (and my appreciation for “wraps”), I may have just gone for one of the pizzas on my first visit.  But I held on and it was worth it.

They did not have this flag out last week!

Sat by the window.

Lentil soup. The size of soup is much bigger than last week...?

My pizza!! Yum!! With ground beef, no cheese. Looks like a Christmas tree when served this way...

Nice Turkish tea at the end.  They served the same tea in a coffee cup last week.  I was not happy.  This is better. 🙂

Sweets at Night

26 04 2011

I came home slightly earlier than normal tonight and when I reached my station, the pastry shop was still open.  I never (really, never, though I have bought at the shop in the past to give away to people) do this but was lured into the shop and ended up buying.


What they call “Hakusan Tamago (=egg)” and a cream puff.  Only about US$3 total.

Hakusan Tamago and shuucuriimu boxed up Japanese style.

Sweets are served.

Nothing exquisite but not bad!

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