Life in London 2011, Day 3

29 01 2011

Checked out of apartment after one meeting in the morning.

and headed to the next one at the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone in a beautiful restaurant with a stunning atrium ( for a lunch meeting.

I had no idea the Marylebone station was so nice.  It is the neighborhood in which we had dinner the night before.

Moving on from the Landmark to the Baglioni Hotel ( in Kensington.  Was planning to take the tube but running out of time, ended up in a cab and my new discovery of the day was that some London taxis have automated doors.

The lobby in the Baglioni Hotel.

Off to the airport on Heathrow Express after picking up my luggage from the apartment and another discovery: you need to get off at a station called “Heathrow Central” which didn’t exist the last time I was visiting, and change trains in order to get to Terminal 4.  So those passengers flying with Skyteam (, it is not really 15 minutes from Paddington.

Finally some time to relax in the Skyteam lounge before flying out to Paris.



4 responses

29 01 2011
Mari K

Marylebone is one of our favourite hangout in London. We had nice cocktails at the Landmark not long ago. Our new favourite – “Cafe Luc” at the top end of Marylebone High Street.
(Another good one in London – Soho: Sanctum Soho hotel – a true rock’n roll hotel with a jacuzzi on the 24 hour rooftop bar! I have my birthday there. The manager of Iron Maiden co-owns it. ….but $$$$$$!)
Good to know about “Heathrow Central” – thanks!
Have a wonderful time in Paris. I await for ya in Ja•pa•n.


31 01 2011
Ayako Mathies

I would’ve loved to take a stroll in the Marylebone neighborhood but just not enough time!! 😦

Sanctum Soho Hotel – now that does sound like a hotel Rod would name…

Was in Paris just for a night at an airport hotel. Checked in around 10:30 pm and checked out at 11 am. 😦


29 01 2011
Mari K

Oh, forgot to say….We had great Steak Tartare at Cafe Luc!


31 01 2011
Ayako Mathies



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