Life in London 2011, Day 1

27 01 2011

Goodbye to my Cannes apartment

And hello to my London apartment

Dinner appointment

As with the previous evening, trying to stay awake during dinner was most challenging.  Quite tired by the time we came out.



2 responses

28 01 2011

Is there some magical number of days at which renting an apartment
makes more sense than staying at a hotel? Your apartment selections
are always awesome – modern and pristine. Do you use an agent?
or local assistance?


28 01 2011
Ayako Mathies

In London, there are serviced apartments with no minimum stay and cleaning service being provided everyday which apartment you can use like a hotel. You just have to know which ones to choose. For me this time in London, becuz I was meeting with people who were coming from out of town, it was important that I had a spacious meeting area. These serviced apartments you can go directly to the property site or you can book from a booking engine for apartments or even hotel booking engine which I did last year when I stayed in a Paris apartment hotel.

In Cannes, it’s a little different and you’d normally have to rent by the week although the stay can be shorter but you’re essentially paying for the whole week. Real estate agents have sites with apartment offerings mostly w/o rates shown so you have to communicate with an agent and by doing so you can negotiate a discount. I’ve used four different agents over the years and this year’s agent was the best.


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