Eating in Bhutan #2 〜 Ema Datsi

30 09 2010

The very spicy national dish of Bhutan that all Bhutanese eat at home and elsewhere, normally with rice, is ema datsi.

Perhaps it is similar to what otsukemono is to Japanese.

Any kind of cheese will do was what I was told.

Wednesday Italian

29 09 2010

Not a big restaurant but it was packed!

Eating in Bhutan #1

28 09 2010

When traveling in Bhutan, because of the system and the whole policy of tourism the country operates by, though you are never forbidden to go out on your own to a restaurant of your choice, what normally happens is that visitors eat in hotel or other restaurants designated by their travel agents.  That’s all fine but this means that much of the time you may be eating non-authentic, non-local cuisine which could be uninteresting at times.  Also (perhaps) out of consideration to non-Bhutanese, the spiciness, which is one of the most distinct characteristics of Bhutanese food, is always downplayed.

Some of the food we had during the early leg of the trip in Thimphu during different hours of the day.

La Vita

27 09 2010

Had a very enjoyable Italian dinner tonight in a restaurant that I went for the first time and to which I may go back again and again and again…

Life is OK.

The Royal Family of Bhutan

26 09 2010

The Bhutanese royal family is very popular and well respected by the people of Bhutan.

At the airport:-

At the post office:-

At the butcher’s:-

Where the king’s office is:-

The 4th king has four wives who are all sisters.  Two of the four queens at the opening ceremony of a charity event in Thimphu on May 6, 2010.  The eldest queen is giving the opening speech:-

A gift from the 4th king’s uncle, HRH. Prince Namgyal Wangchuk:-

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